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Surfing on the highest frequencies of all that exist

because I am in love with the colors of the Universe.


Joni Christens

Founder of BY N'JOI

Hi Beautiful Soul,


The Universe put always the right people on your path, so it's no coincidence that you ended up here!


My name is Joni Christens, the face behind BY N'JOI and your Yoga instructor, Healer and Spiritual Mentor.

BY N'JOI stands for JOY and ENJOY (the beauty of all there is), 'By Joni'.

It is never too late to connect with the light and the pure Universe love and essence of life.


​"Balance body, mind and soul in a holistic way" is a quote that you regularly see at BY N'JOI.

Life is all about finding the right balance and holding on to it. When there is balance, there is harmony; when there is harmony, there is peace; when there is peace you find happiness.

Everything is an intertwined whole of facets that are connected to each other. Body, mind and Soul are part and one whole of this. Moreover, this goes much further and unity is all that exists... Also around you, and that is precisely why I can help and support you on your life path!

Since childhood I have been intrigued by the physical and spiritual world. Commuting, singing spells, talking to my Guides and also being physically active was always part of it.

A lot of signals have crossed my path and thanks to meditation and my Spiritual Teacher that have brought me to my Life purpose and mission why I am here on earth. At a later age, it tickled to start doing business and to do what my mission is, here on earth.

I originally started out as a Reiki Master and was already doing deeper spiritual work. Afterwards I was able to further train as an International, professional and certified Yoga instructor, where I have since obtained several certificates such as RYT-200H, RYT-100, with a wider knowledge in Guided Meditation and Breathwork in addition to practical work.

By sensing your energy I can offer you the session you need most at that moment; either physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Without you noticing this, or unless you are open to this, we can go deeper into details.

More than just yoga....

I like to listen to the story of your soul to support you optimally, where we go deeper, consciously and unconsciously, into the sub-consicousness mind and the deeper layers of your body; physical, mental, emotional and energetic body. (Indeed; also physically, such as chronic diseases, bad cells, inflammation can be supported, slowed down and / or completely healed. Also traumas from past lives.)

In the Universe there is no time and space. This is just an illusion.

By n'JOI stands for quality and a personal approach, where a conscious choice has been made to support each individual person in their needs and to work towards the best version of oneself and to connect back to their essence.

Yoga and spiritual work is not just relaxation or fancy poses... This is endless, this is inner work, where self-realization and your (sub)consciousness are centered on different levels.

At BY N'JOI you can go choose private 1-on-1 guidance, small group sessions, events, yoga for companies, team buildings and retreats where you always work according to your blueprint and the individual / group DNA.

Let's tune-in the highest version of yourself and surf on the beauty of what life has to give. The essence.

Lot's of love,


Joni ♥


Certified Yoga Teacher

Philosophy, Asanas,

Pranayama, Meditation


Yoga Alliance International


Certified Guided Meditation Instructor & Pranayama



Yoga Alliance International

Reiki Healing

2nd Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healing

1st degree Usui Shiki Ryoho

Reiki Healing


The Reiki Alliance International


Certificate in NLP

With registered

identification number:

202204041034-69949-643893-282 (619)

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