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BY N'JOI offers a total experience where your essence and the essence of life are central. Human and Nature reconnect through the energetic system. With BY N'JOI you make connection to a deeper level of your higher consciousness and subconscious, so that you will experience living back in the moment, here and now.

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Business O'Clock

A well-being trajectory within your company... It's all possible!

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular within companies, especially after the pandemic, we notice that it's necessarily to respond and invest in your company.

More studies show that happy employees add value to their organization.

With yoga you invest in the health and productivity of your employees. In this way you contribute to a positive and efficient environment with lower absenteeism. It has long been proven that yoga, breathwork and meditation are the tool to undermine mental and physical complaints.

With Yoga O'Clock you can integrate a weekly or monthly session at by 'JOI at a fixed time, with a high focus on stress management and life/work balance, in order to achieve balance and harmony in body and mind.


Business & Team building

Create a unique experience by integrating yoga & more at your team building or corporate event.

By n'JOI offers a total experience with focus on the essence. Corporate events & team buildings are tailored according to the theme or needs of the group, whereby Prana, Qi, Chi or life energy is activated to create balance and harmony on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level to reach the best version of oneself.

It is experienced to live back in the moment and to reflect on what is, here and now. This creates a better focus, less stress and more energy.


By n'JOI takes you on a journey through the world of Pranayama (breathing techniques); the Asanas (postures); Shavasana (relaxation) and various forms of meditation that connect you with the best version of yourself.

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Have you ever thought out-of-the-box to dress up your event with an original marketing stunt, in order to present new products and attract (potential) customers?

Or do you have an event where everything revolves around well-being, or maybe not, but do you wish to pamper your customers, visitors, friends or connections with a moment of rebirth?

Good news, because every concept can be combined and started with Yoga by n'JOI.


I like to listen to your concept.

Events can be booked for business related matters. Moreover, as a private individual you can also contact by n'JOI to plan your activities, bachelorettes or friends moment.


Enrich your energy and get ready to discover and attract new horizons.


Control the fluctuation of the mind to move towards self-realization and experience the ultimate reality.

Let's connect

I would be happy to discuss with you what your needs are and what possibilities there are within your company, for your event or team building.

All sessions take place in the company itself or at the location of the organizer and can possibly be provided at a location by n'JOI collaborates with.

For more information and quotes email

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