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All services are private, 1-on-1 or in small groups at your home or chosen location.

By BY N'JOI we work personal to meet your needs and to work exactly on what your body, mind or soul needs the most. In addition, each service may differ if I notice that work can be done differently and/or deeper to connect efficiently and effectively with your Higher Self.

Let your intuition guide you and choose the services offered below under Yoga&more and Energywork.


As a breast cancer patient, I received the news that I had relapsed and that I would start chemotherapy again a month later. The doctor predicted that my tumor value would rise significantly in the meantime and that I would have unpleasant side effects during the chemotherapy.
Shortly after the diagnosis, I came into contact with Joni through a friend. We immediately started an Energetic Healing with two goals: to stabilize my illness and to make my body strong enough to handle the chemotherapy... And we succeed!

Thanks to Joni, my tumor value remained stable before chemotherapy and now I do not experience any negative side effects during chemotherapy. Thanks to her I am physically and mentally strong enough to fight back.
I am absolutely convinced that Energy Healing Therapy is a very valuable addition to classical medicine.

Thank you Joni! 

- Elke Stillaert -

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